Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Major Courses those are Tought in U.S.'s Top 5 MBA Schools for Marketing?

The opportunity to study the field of Marketing with diversified portfolio of courses in MBA level in Bangladesh is limited due to institution's incapability to offer and/or update curriculum with the pace of changing world. Sometimes UGC (University Grants Commission) create bureaucratic obstacles. Whatever the causes exist as a learner and student of MBA, I think however there are ample options for business graduates, students and stakeholders to stay updated with what is happening around their field of study rather that stick to own country's barriers.

I did my major in Marketing during my undergraduate level. At post graduate level few times I wished to shift my focus to major in finance. Although after performing satisfactorily in Financial Management core/integration course I thought Marketing rather be the best area for me to explore and enjoy. Because in the mean time Marketing is no longer surrounded by typical 4Ps or Marketing 2.0 era. Including the emergence of "E" era (ecommerce, e-entertainment or digital marketing or Internet of Things (IoT), Marketing 3.0 is emerging with its intrinsic urge from humane values. Products will not be no longer considered just as a solution of problem; holistic marketing approach will guarantee each and every value chain of a product life cycle is ethical, earth-friendly and of course sustainable.

From a perspective of MBA student of a developing country like Bangladesh I think though it is neither possible nor practicable to learn and/or study the major courses taught in Top 11 U.S. Business Schools for Marketing in classroom setting, but reviewing, discussing or even by acknowledging what are my American counterparts learning marketing students, graduates and stakeholders can gain some valuable insight.

The courses those are taught as elective for marketing major in top 5 ranked U.S. marketing MBA program are listed below:
  • Marketing Management
  • Customer Behavior
  • Managing Customer Value 
  • Marketing Research and Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research for Entrepreneurs
  • Research Methods in Marketing
  • Forecasting Methods for Marketing
  • Retail Analytics
  • Retailing
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Channel Strategies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Dynamic Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Business Marketing
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Consumer Insights for Brand Strategy
  • Sales Force Management 
  • Personal Selling and Sales Force Management
  • Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries
  • Pricing Policy
  • Channel Management
  • Multinational Marketing
  • Launching New Products and Services
  • Media and Integrated Marketing
  • Technology Marketing
  • C Suite and Boardroom Dynamics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics/Digital Marketing Strategy
  • eCommerce and Digital Marketing/Marketing and Electronic Commerce
  • Business to Business Marketing 
  • Marketing for Social Impact
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Selling: Business to Business
  • Biomedical Marketing
  • Models for Marketing Strategy  
  • Applied Probability Models in Marketing
  • Data and Analysis for Marketing Decisions
  • Measurement and Data Analysis in Marketing
  • The Psychology of Consumer Financial Decisions
  • Integrating Marketing and Operations
  • Law of Marketing and Antitrust
  • Marketing in Emerging Economies: Understanding & Marketing to the Indian Consumer
  • Marketing in Emerging Economies: Understanding & Marketing to the Chinese Consumer
  • Agribusiness
  • Big Data in Marketing 
  • Business at the Base of the Pyramid
  • Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Redesigning Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Behavioral Economics and Decision Making
  • Customer Centric Innovation
  • Neuroscience and Consmer Behavior (taught also in India).


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