Our Universe in a Nutshell

What do we know about the origin of the universe? The theory of the initial explosion, which explains scientifically the origin of the universe, is just one of the hypotheses that most scientists hold. Hypothesis is a scientific assumption, which may not be confirmed later. In our pragmatic time, we do not take anything for granted, any theory, any published fact is not accepted by our consciousness until we receive irrefutable evidence. Our ancestors for centuries believed in the immortality of the soul, we are looking for this confirmation. And no matter how blasphemous it sounds, we try to find even evidence of the existence of the Creator of our world.

Modern scientific knowledge with 100% confidence can not answer the question of the origin of the universe. All that is known reliably is that we live in an expanding universe and the entire universe is filled with radiation that existed since the initial explosion that took place 19 billion years ago. The temperature of this radiation is only 4K (-2690 C), astrophysicists call it relic. Relic radiation is an indirect proof of the theory of the initial explosion. As a result of the Big Bang, the substance of the universe, which is in a super-dense state, began to expand and expand to this day. Well, where did the original superdense matter come from? There is no answer to this question in the textbooks. Trying to answer the question about what was before the explosion, scientists are in a dead end, which even has a special name - a singularity. 

Willy-nilly, thoughts come: tens of billions of years ago there were phenomena that can not be explained on the basis of modern laws of nature. And it is very tempting to assume that the first particle of matter was created by supernatural power. Believers call this power God, atheists - supermind, but the essence of this does not change.

And how to explain the appearance of life on Earth? It turned out that the right combination of molecules arose exactly on our planet? There are many hypotheses, but none of them has received a rigorous proof. And again there is an idea about someone's thoughtful intervention in the process of the appearance on Earth of organic matter. Conditions that are conducive to life exist for many millions of years. Who supports these conditions? Also what will be, if will cease to support?

Here's one example: if we put the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere of our planet down at least 14%, we can not start a fire, and increasing this gas by 25% will cause a small random spark to turn everything around into a fiery hell. In an atmosphere saturated with oxygen, raw firewood burns brighter than dry, even raw grass burns. The amount of carbon dioxide, which is a product of combustion, will increase dramatically and make the atmosphere unsuitable for life. Calculations of specialists show that every 12 thousand years the amount of oxygen in the atmospheric air should increase by 1%, but this does not happen for some reason. Someone very much cares about saving life on Earth, maintaining the optimum amount of gas necessary for breathing.

Another mystery is the constant percentage of salt in the waters of the world's oceans. Some mechanisms that reduce the level of salt are known, but not all. The increase in salinity by 2% will be disastrous for all life forms in the water (it is enough to recall the Dead Sea). But the salt level has not changed for many millions of years. Moreover, there is a suspicion that he was always so, the world ocean seemed to be prepared for the emergence and maintenance of life. 

The secret of life is the birth of life. The evolutionary theory of experimental confirmation has not been received. None of the millions of organic compounds in the course of numerous experiments has ever turned into a living being. It turns out that it took someone's external push, which forced the lifeless to turn into a living one. Sad to say, modern science can not explain either the origin of the universe or the origin of life. And this testifies only to one thing - our ship called the Universe is governed by an experienced and caring captain who himself created this ship.

Reference: Создатель вселенной – кто он?


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