Saturday, August 3, 2019

Dhaka mega city needs decentralized action plan for it's future

Dhaka city is growing haphazardly in an uncontrolled manner. Unbearable traffic jam has already made this mega city in the list of unlivable cities. Overpopulation along with lack of necessary civil amenities and poorly planned infrastructures have turned this mega city into a concrete jungle. No parks, no playgrounds and no place for recreation have made 200 years old Dhaka city a dirty place and no room for healthy living.

It is prime time to move the capital elsewhere from Dhaka. Government should take plan considering time frame of next 200 years. Within next two decades most of the world population will live in cities. China is a big example where moving rural population into urban dwellers changed the landscape of their economic future. Cities are the future junction point of civilization. Because large scale efficient economic consumption and production is only possible in cities. That is why it’s easier to find jobs in cities. Now in today’s world major cities are competing for talents. The city which can attract more talents are the most vibrant. Therefore, we must rethink urbanization for future of Bangladesh; not only for sustainable growth of Dhaka mega city.

Unless we can value the struggle of the pasts, we will not be able to understand the liberties of present. Dhaka played a crucial part in the history of Bangladesh. Dhaka became the capital of independent Bengal more than 400 years ago. It is the fate of political destiny; we lost our freedom through British East India Company’s conspiracy. Still now we are not immune of such conspiracy. It is time to retire Dhaka from center of politics. Myanmar moved their capital to Naypyitaw; previously Pakistan and India did so to Islamabad and New Delhi respectively.

Dhaka has historical importance. But we must think beyond near horizon. As a nation as well as a vibrant nation Bangladeshis have long cherished dream to go. Time to time culprits have made no mistake to submerge this nation into conflicts and in the meantime realize evil agenda. Unless the countrymen are united under one umbrella of unity, equity, justice and patriotism; long term sustainable development will be difficult.

Final thought here is that Dhaka urgently needs decentralization for the sake of Dhaka. It is self-evident to save future Dhaka. Developed countries have many states with small population in comparison to Bangladesh. But Dhaka is overburdened with more than 160 million people without any other megacities in Bangladesh. Decentralization of capital Dhaka will increase public efficiency tremendously. We need another mega city with roughly half of the population of Dhaka. Then we need other few cities with population roughly quarter of Dhaka. Then we need to one by one sustain-ably develop some cities with population roughly one-eighth of Dhaka. We can prioritize district towns and turn them into planned cities. It is a strategic long-term plan and it is work in progress process. My last appeal please do some lobbing to save Dhaka as well as to save Bangladesh.